Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair

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Race Human
Dynasty House Victoria
Player Becky Moody

Name: Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair

Dynasty: Victoria

Notable Traits: Always armed with a dataslate, a sketchbook, and an umbrella

Titles and Nicknames: Troublepants, Arty

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Artemisia's first appearance on Arkangel was in attendance at a birthday gathering for Lord Captain Borovich whereupon she horrified her brother, made a great many arrangements for adventures, and refused to leave.

She still refuses to leave.

She has professed herself a xenobotanist, general xenographer, and a pilot. Her mechanical knowledge seems highly specialised towards breaking security systems.


The eighth child in the Blair family dynasty, and thus in line to inherit nothing whatsoever. Formerly resident on Halbert-A, of the triptych star system Thricecrown.

Known Associates

  • Romeles - her brother, to whom she is a constant thorn in the side of.
  • Sterling - Romeles's 1IC, but fortunately he's so lovely Arty wasn't at all upset when Romeles designated him as deputy when he was unable to attend the Captain's Table
  • Alexandra Euphemia Blake - Artemisia's extremely long-suffering bodyguard, previously thought deceased.


  • Had an as-yet unexplained falling out with her eldest sister Cecilia, the Sector Governor of the House Victoria estates of Thricecrown, which precipitated her appearance on Arkangel.
  • Her brother Romeles is consistently trying to encourage her to have a proper profession and join the Ecclesiarchy.
  • At the most recent gathering hosted by the CHI, her brother capitulated and agreed she could remain with the crew for at least a few months without his insisting she head to a convent.


  • [Hanging from a tree] "It can't get any worse, can it?" [it starts to rain] "Obviously, it can." - Artemisia
  • "I bought a squig! This is the best day ever!" - Artemisia, shortly before discovering just how rapidly one squig can turn into many squigs.
  • "So full of energy with lust for adventure and knowledge all tied together with the casual nobility we have come to expect from her family. All in all I can't wait to have a chance to show her 'my ancient xeno lore'" - Maximillion
  • "Full of curiosity and excitement. Trouble, obviously, but our kind of trouble." - Mac
  • "A gilded cage is still a cage Krasotka" - Arkady Borovich
  • "Brilliant in many ways, but shackled by expectation and propriety." - Rusev
  • "So many questions, but I am always partial to bribery. Especially in the knowledge that it aggravates her brother." - Ed'wari
  • "Her, I like. Good shot with that rifle of hers and a damned good heart behind it, I pray to the God-Emperor that this company full of reprobates and misfits doesn't twist and jade that heart" * - Cartwright
  • "Milady is a true delight, if not a little distracting" - Sterling
  • "Wow... umm... she took that kinda... personally... can such capacity for compassion survive out here? Such potential to feel the pain of others..." - Araquiel
  • "Still fun and energetic, willing to get stuck in. I like her." - Maximillion
  • "I didn't mean to be patronising to her. I didn't realise she was... Unused to the horrors people in our line of work regularly face. I hope she never gets as jaded as I am about it all. She's too good a person for that." Tomas J Rexuz
  • "I love to see her passion for adventure where ever we go. To often we forget that life is one great adventure." - Maximillion
  • "Seeing her with all her limbs sliced off was one of the most disturbing things to happen to me and given that I once came across a naked, greased up Twigjack in the air vents, that's saying a dammed lot. Id rather not see her in that much pain again" * - Cartwright
  • "I mean, I liked her especially after she punched out an ork. But if we're going to keep doing some things together, I should probably actually get to know her." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "There will come a day when you come to understand that for every adventure, for every wonder, somewhere out there is a horror and it will come to you. It is what you do when you come to that point that matters. Keep on adventuring or run back to your gilded cage." - Ambrose Cordell Tollman
  • "Endlessly insufferable and she makes my job about 50 times harder than it needs to be, but there's something about her that makes loyalty easy. I wouldn't have her any other way." - Alexandra Euphemia Blake
  • "A smile like summer, and a scowl like all the storms upon the sea." - Thunder
  • "I thought maybe she was a spoiled little noble like so many others when we first met. Now I see there is so much more to her, there is iron in this woman that you do not see often in her people." - Rusev
  • "It took me losing an arm to remember the person I had become, but the vastly more painful thing about the situation has to be leaving her alone in such a place. Artemisia may forgive me but I shall never forgive myself." - Cartwright
  • "If I tell you to do something, it's not because I'm your big brother and I want to boss you around, it's because I'm terrified you're going to die if you don't." - Romeles Uriel Corinthian Blair
  • "Even when faced with with dangers all around, Milady must have her tea and scones. Always bringing a welcome feeling of normalcy when surroundings are unfavourable." - Sterling
  • "Even in the worst of situations she always has a ready smile and a childlike sense of adventure. She is a blessing to work beside." - Maximillion
  • "Smart. Strong. Kind. I hope she stays kind and this place does not hurt her too much. I wonder why Lyt says we came from the same place." - Skyfall
  • "Lady Blair is impulsive and undisciplined. She would have happily run off by herself into the Night after Lord Commander Cartwright when he was being A DAMN FOOL. However it showed her compassion, something a little lacking among the crews. She is also a fine marksman" - Surgeon General Schwarzekappel

OOC Information

Player: Becky Moody

Inspirations: Evie (The Mummy), Jane (Disney's Tarzan)

Soundtrack: It's my life - Jon Bon Jovi, Never Enough - Greatest Showman OST, Strangers like me - Disney's Tarzan OST, The Mummy OST, Try Everything - Shakira, ME! - Taylor Swift