Oberarzt Azrael Schwarzekappel

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Race Human
Dynasty Kasputin
Player Harland Quarmby
Update Archive Image: Remembrancer Smith

Name: Azrael Schwarzekappel

Dynasty: Kasputin

Notable Traits: Has a Strong desire to entrench and utilize land mines in almost all circumstances

Titles: O̶b̶e̶r̶a̶r̶z̶t̶ ̶(̶L̶i̶e̶u̶t̶e̶n̶a̶n̶t̶-̶S̶u̶r̶g̶e̶o̶n̶)̶ Oberstarzt (Surgeon-Colonel), The Surgeon General

Information Known by Arkangel Society

A competently trained Veteran Field Surgeon from Krieg's Kolechian 14th Heavy Siege Regiment. The 14th were disbanded after catastrophic losses caused by a Tau strike-force on the world of Korista


One of the billions of faceless vatborn troops of the Death Korps of Krieg

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The Frenzon Incident

Known Associates

Currently in service to the Kasputin Dynasty

  • Lord Commander Cartwright
  • Warrant Officer Jakiri
  • Lady Captain Victrix - M.I.A
  • Twigjack - M.I.A


  • - Azrael has a Frenzon addiction
  • - Azrael is a clone that arrived in a crate with several others
  • - Azrael once had a wife, who died with the rest of his regiment
  • - Azrael sleeps in the Conception of Hope's macro cannon magazine


  • "Despite the dangerous quantities of explosives he carries on his person, I cannot help but feel an almost religious sense of reassurance when I see Azrael crossing the battlefield, entrenching tool in hand. I know he has made this patch of earth ours." - Thunder
  • "Field surgery is a risky business, especially the way we do it. Schwarzekappel would be justified staying in the rear with the gear, but he doesn't. You gotta respect that." - Mac
  • "Scary at first. Soldier's uniform. Needles and knives. He is a good doctor and a good man. I feel safe to see him near." - Skyfall
  • "A good Officer and medico, as solid as they come and I cant think of any greater praise for a member of the Militarum." - Cartwright
  • "Apart from an in my opinion unprofessional need to dull the pain of his medical procedure. I find it hard to not respect a man who will mine everything wtih such vigour." - Maximillion
  • "Guy has an unhealthy love of blowing things up, for someone who spent time in trenches trying not to get blown up. Still - top bloke!" - Araq
  • "I do wish he'd stop trying to place mines all over the damn ship..." - Victrix
  • "It was most unusual helping somebody keep their organs together, but I am glad the Lieutenant-Surgeon told me how to hold the clamp." - Twigjack
  • "More than one person amongst the fleet owes this man their life. They best pay up when it's time to collect on that debt." - Rusev
  • "The Standard Pattern Hug, it was missing something but the thought was nice." - Maximillion
  • "I am told that in some cultures 'Azrael' is an angel of death. It is a pleasing irony that we all now look to Azrael to keep us alive. There are many great healers amongst us, but none greater than he." - Thunder
  • " With him around I can focus on my duties and don't need to act as a surgeon. He has it all under control in the medbay. " - Sterling
  • " Keeps a wary eye on me. But those same eyes twinkle with a Haemonculi's curiosity and inquisitive nature when he handles his medical tools." - Ed'wari
  • "If this man fell, there's a good chance we would all fall." - Araquiel
  • "Party Favour! Hah! The Doc is picking up some Britannicus Battle-Cant" - Cartwright
  • "He was greatly missed when not at our last deployment. The other medics all just seemed to fall apart without his guidance." - Maximillion
  • "I owe him more than I can possibly articulate." - Krauss
  • "He's very...forceful. Also he calls me Lady Blair which is extremely confusing." - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair
  • "If he can't bring you back, you're dead as hell. Bedside manner could use some improvement, though." - Mac
  • "I doubt Azrael will ever lose a patient under his peerless care. But if he did, I suspect he would besiege the afterlife itself until their soul was ransomed." - Thunder
  • "My hands are much more steady with his guidance and instruction." - Sterling
  • "He is a strong unyielding beacon, knowing he is there makes our camps feal a lot safer." - Maximillion
  • "The Imperium needs more Field Chirurgeons of his calibre, If he wasn't needed so badly here I would have him posted to a dedicated Chirurgical Schola" - Cartwright
  • "A person of the kind of foundation upon which the Imperium is built, and was built by." - Missionary Stenberg
  • "That man is swift and lethal with that blade, and he doesn't even have to meet your gaze to see your sword coming and block your strike." - Artemisia Minerva Tabbris Blair
  • "One of the most likeably terrifying people I've ever met. Worryingly cheerful." - Rafi
  • "You haven't seen everything until you have seen a medic like Schwartzekappel shoot himself full of Frenzon before a duel and administer a beating like the one he gave his opponent." - Rusev
  • "Frenzon. As if he wasn't dammed well dangerous enough. better keep some on hand for emergencies" - Cartwright
  • "Is he starting to show a more human side? Honestly I think it's actually more disturbing." - Lord Captain Macharius Malvoisin
  • "An individual truly deserving of the title Cresistauead. Honorable, dangerous. In a different life he would have fetched a fine price in the arena." - Ed'wari
  • "You know one day, some stupid cyka is doing to try to raid our med bay. Imagine getting past killers like myself, Edwari, Rusev, Mac, Wraturd and so on. Only to meet the Regimental fencing champion waiting for them. You would know the God-Emperor has truly turned his wrath upon you then." - Arkady Borovich
  • "Even when having to wear 'the' hat his skills as a Swordsman and Surgeon make him stand out more amungst others. " - Sterling
  • "Frenzon, Huh. Perhaps we have more in common than I first thought." - Maximillion
  • "It's easy to face the enemy with an assault cannon in your hands. It's a brave man who does it holding a scalpel. Saying that, I once saw the doc call in an airstrike against an emplaced sniper, so he's not exactly unarmed." - Sgt. Iago Lennon
  • "I am pleased to see that he is as skilled with a rapier as he is with a scalpel. One never knows when one might have need of one or the other." - Ambrose Cordell Tollman
  • "Kriegsman earn their reputation and he is a standout Kriegsman. Swift with a blade and capable of wrecking shop when high on THAT drug. If he starts yelling and screaming; Run." - Decius Crane
  • "It appears he can coordinate a mine field just as effectively as he can a surgical team. " - Sterling
  • "It was good to be able to co-ordinate some research with him, unhindered by that which would have held us back from success." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "A hard man, from a hard people, but he chooses life over death time and again. We'd all be by the Emperor's side without him." - Rusev
  • "One would quickly run out of compliments for this man." - Stenberg
  • "I could be bleeding to death and seeing the white light of the Emperor, yet remain entirely calm and confident in his abilities to keep me on this mortal plane. He has my favour, my respect, and no small amount of awe at his swordsmanship" Anahita
  • "A competent doctor is always good to have around." - Maximillion

OOC Information

Player: Harland Quarmby

Inspirations: Death Korps of Krieg Infantry