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Race Human
Dynasty The Borovich Family
Player Hazel K
Rafi Photo.JPG

Name: Rafi

Dynasty: The Borovich Family

Notable Traits: Bright scruffy clothes, unkempt hair, too much eyeliner, tool belt.

Titles: Hah. Yeah, none.

Information Known by Arkangel Society

Rafi arrived on Arkangel with Lord-Captain Arkady Borovich and his crew. From the underhives of Chernobog, she is by no means the strongest or deadliest member of Borovich's crew, but there are very few locks or alarm systems that can stand in her way.

She is fascinated by all things mechanical, although is of course very careful not to tinker with things that the Ad Mech would disapprove of (at least, when she thinks they're looking).

Known Associates

Arkady Borovich


Magos Karchev


Augustronomos Corophasian-Ingamar-Vicher


  • "Huh. I wonder what this button does?" - Rafi, on too many occasions to count.
  • "You wanted to see real stars, and you saw them. So what do you want to see next?" - Mac
  • "Certainly holds her own among the Borovich crew. Solidly competent and solidly imaginative. Still impressed by her Medical Dart gun idea" - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "Anyone who underestimates Rafi because of the personalities around her is a damned fool" - Cartwright
  • "When I say my crew is family, they ask if Rafi is like my daughter or my sister. The truth is much more complex than either. In many ways she is the best of us, she has seens the horrors we have seen yet she has not become like us. This is a rare thing.She is precious to me in a way I cannot easily explain" - Arkady Borovich
  • "You deserve a little happiness, it is good to see you smile more." - Rusev
  • "She has good eye for less orthodox usage of technology. I would be more annoyed with her if I wasn't so fond of her. Needs to stay out of my Enginarium though" - Magos Karchev
  • "A key and dangerous player in the make up of the Table. I think more than she knows." - Ed'wari
  • "I am impressed by how much meekness is shown when there is such talent within. " - Sterling
  • "Every time we talk I wonder why we are not great friends. Then I see her looking at a spanner." - Maximillion
  • "A fine member of Borovich's dynasty, quick with a blade and with her guns. A decent performance as well from the duels." - Decius Crane
  • "Under intense pressure and temptation she struggled but did not give in, and she got the job done. A credit to her crew." - Alexandra Euphemia Blake
  • "You OK?" - Mac, frequently
  • "Adorably serious, isn't she?" - Stacy
  • "Doesn't speak nonsense, which I appreciate." - Friedrich Sternenlicht
  • "Came to check on me during one of the quiet moments of the landing. I...I still do not know how to process that." - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "She's my favourite!" - Spider
  • "God Emperor, send me Your grace that I might find better words with which to do Your work. This one deserves them all, and more." - Stenberg
  • "A delightful shopping partner whom I love and respect dearly.". Anahita
  • "She has found a delight in machines I find baffling, I would never wish her to loose it." - Maximillion
  • "A comparatively calm voice among the rest of her crew but no less capable that her fellows. I am glad that shes did not come under a surgeons knife this landing, to my knowledge" - Azrael Schwarzekappel
  • "I ... did not realise I was nervous about that." - Mac

OOC Information

Inspirations: Necromunda gangers; Entrapta from She-Ra; Parker from Leverage.